How To Make A Wood Cutting Board

How To Make A Wood Cutting Board

I wanted to make a wood cutting board for the first time in my life, so i did some research and come up with a pretty simple design.

Why, you ask? Because i don’t like the idea of plastic potentially making it’s way in to food using a plastic cutting board. As simple as that.

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How did i do it? It was really very simple! I headed to Home Depot and bought a 2ft long piece of untreated Poplar Wood for $7.00 (it is a little over 9 inches wide) and a bottle of Howard Cutting Board Oil for $6.00. (any food grade Mineral Oil will work).


Step 1.

I simply cut the piece of wood into (2) pieces to make us a small 8 x 9 cutting board and a larger 15 x 9 cutting board.


Step 2.

After cutting, i used our handy little Dremel tool to round the edges and then a fine grit sandpaper for smoothing the edges down and going over the entire front and back surface to smooth as well.

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FYI – You don’t have to use a Dremel tool. You can simply use a pieces of sandpaper.

  • 1 medium grit for rounding the edges
  • 1 fine grit to give the edges and surface a smooth finish.


Step 3.

After he finished the sanding, he wiped them down with a wet cloth to remove any dust from sanding. Let dry about 10 minutes.

Step 4.

Then, he rubbed the mineral oil all over the front and back surfaces. Covering liberally and spreading with a cloth or old t-shirt. We put it on a pizza box to do this so the excess oil would soak into the cardboard.

Step 5.

Repeat the oil covering process 2 more times, waiting 20 minutes between coats.


Voila, ready to use! They turned out so great!

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