DIY Side Table for $20

DIY Side Table for $20

A side table is a must have in any living room and we’ve been wanting to replace our glass top side table for a while now. We stumbled across a table similar to this that cost a whopping $340 and we really liked it. Below I’m going to show you how to build a similar table for under $20, with limited power tools and easily within a weekend. Enjoy!

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Required Tools


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DIY Side Table for $20 Dimensions

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Cut List

Cut List

DIY Side Table for $20 Step 1

DIY Side Table for $20 Step 2





DIY Side Table for $20 Step 3


We opted to distress and stain before final assembly. We went with American Walnut from Varathane followed by a single coat of semi-gloss triple thick polyurethane.

DIY Side Table for $20 Step 4



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