Build A Folding Picnic Table With 2x4s

Build A Folding Picnic Table With 2x4s

How to build a folding picnic table is a great woodworking project. With a few basic tools and some knowledge, building a folding picnic table can quickly become a reality to help dress up the backyard.

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In most cases a picnic table is a stationary table that was built as a picnic table and remains as a picnic table. What makes the folding picnic table different from most other tables, is that it quickly folds out to serve as a picnic table and can quickly be converted to two individual picnic benches. This comes very handy should you decide you want to sit in the shade under that big old tree.

Much thought has gone into designing this folding table and is amazing how it works.

Folding Picnic Table Bench

Building A Folding Picnic Table

The first thing you will want to do is sketch up a plan of the folding picnic table and add all dimensions and details to the plan. This is to give you a good understanding of the construction before you begin.

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The whole project is built with 2 x 4s and 2 x 6s all nailed and screwed together. The first thing is to build the lower part of the bench. Once it has been all screwed together, the back of the bench is built of the same material. The backs are now hinged to the bench seat to give you the folding picnic table action. Arm rests are constructed and attached to the back section of the bench. You now build a second bench to complete the folding picnic table.

Your Folding Picnic Table Is Ready To Finish

After a bit of sanding, It is recommended using a good quality exterior finish applying several coats of the exterior finish. You can now enjoy your folding picnic table.

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