Best Creative Ways to Recycle Wood Pallets into Lamps

Best Creative Ways to Recycle Wood Pallets into Lamps

Wood is maybe the most used material in home decor designing, but it could be expensive. So why not use a recycled wood pallet to create your own trendy lamp!

Her you will find 6 of the best inventive idea to recycle wood pallets into lamp, take some inspiration.

Wood Pallet Ceiling Lights

Wood Pallet Ceiling Lights

Maybe the easiest to do… Almost one pallet is needed and all electrical components could be found on Amazon or Ebay.

Mason Jar Wood Pallet Chandelier Idlights

Quite the same chandelier as before but with Mason Jar, wood structure is harder to achieve, but it’s worth it! Perfect in a kitchen…

Kilter Pendant with Wood Pallet

Simple, minimal and nice design for this wood pallet pendant light. On the exemple they used great oak hardwood from disused shipping pallets, we let you the responsibility to find the electrical components that will offer the best light for your home interior.

Pallet Wood 3 Bulb Light

For this one you will need metallic parts and old ropes, they have chosen Edison bulbs but any electrical lamp could fit on this fixture. You will need good skills in DIY to realize it but it is ideal to give a rustic touch to your interior…

Wood Pallet Floor Lamps

Big Wood Pallet Lamp

Only if you have some space in your living room… This 6 feet tall standing floor lamp made from recycled pallets can be arranged in a variety of positions, they add springs to assist in movement and has locking knobs for securing desired position. Fully adjustable, it creates very interesting appearance to any interior space.

Simple Wooden Pallet light

Really easy to do, only one pallet and basic electrical parts are needed… Shadows created by this lamp gives a soothing atmosphere and will be perfect in your room or accompany your reading session in the living room!

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Wood Pallet Wall Lamps

Simple Wall Pallet Lamp

Just one of our favorite and simple idea, just cut a pallet in two juxtaposed halves and add lighting system.Beautiful and creative, Superb!

Rustic Wall Pallet Lamp

You see, almost the same light as before, but the other way 🙂 Always so simple: a pallet cut in half, writing on the wood gives a rustic appearance to the lamp.

Rustic Wall Pallet Lantern

Rustic Wall Pallet Lantern

Set of two rustic gray lanterns which are hanging from black wrought iron hooks. The boards are shown stained in a special walnut color. Pallet wood is just a part of materials needed here…

Wood Pallet Desk Lamp

Wood Pallet Desk Lamp

One of our favorite pieces and among the nicest wood lamps. You will have to cut pallet in small parts, it’s probably this will take you more time…Use it as a desk lamp, a bedside lamp, a table lamp, a sconce, lantern…use it whatever way you think works. That’s the beauty of this lamp, it has versatility.

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